Maggie Wright

BRINGING BACK THE MAGIC: A TRANSFORMATIONAL MEMOIR is a deeply moving comeback story.  After the loss of her mother at six years old, Maggie Wright struggled through a phobic childhood; and with the help of the many animal companions in her life, she transformed into a powerful advocate for them.  Her adult connection with her African Grey parrots opened her mind and heart to see nature from a new perspective.  Margaret Wright walks the reader through a profound way of seeing nature’s critters as the true individuals that they are.  After reading this book, you will not look at Nature and animals in the same way.

Bringing Back the Magic: A Transformational Memoir


We had dreams as children... and we had dreams as young adults... magical dreams that we believed would come true.  Then we grew up and the magic died.  This site is about bringing it back.  Let's bring back the magic into our lives!  Let's bring back the magic to America!

Join me and let's start the process now.  The world has forgotten the magical pool of imagination.  Let's bring it back.  Let's remember the good things as they used to be and bring them back.  Let's change what wasn't.  With a group of like-hearted people, everything is possible. 

Welcome to the journey!

Bringing Back the Magic